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Sea walker (Walking Under The Sea)

Experience the underwater world. The diving Seawalker you will find underwater environment at large coral reef fish beautiful.

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submarine service

Boat dive Experience a new submarine The magic under ground Find all kinds of fish and the coral reefs of beautiful

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Snorkel Diving service

Koh Larn Island is ideal for snorkeling with sandy white beaches, clear water. The shallow reef.

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For those who enjoy fishing. We provide the fishing boat. During the day. The food and beverage service on the boat.

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Plaything on the beach

Various rubber ring service Amusement player

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Fall squid

For the love of fun. Excited in the night. We offer sail fall squid


Jetski for rent

Can drive a different view of the beach on Koh Larn.

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Motorbike for rent 300 bath/day

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Banana boat

Drag the banana boat service. 4-6 people can play a life jacket protected. For those who are not swimming